We provide faster access to high-quality, real time visual inspection data for utilities that may need to inspect overhead power lines, transmission towers, solar panels, or wind turbines.


Take your inspections to the next level by integrating our established aerial inspection procedures into existing workflows, allowing for safer operations and maintenance, reducing the time needed to conduct inspections or surveys, and helping to reduce the overall cost of electric grid operations and maintenance.


Frontline's T&D experienced remote pilots are trained in corridor mapping, and capturing high-resolution and infrared images of large, medium and small targets such as:

  • Broken/slack guyed and safety wires

  • Leaning poles

  • Sagging power line spans

  • Vegetation encroachment

  • Pole-mounted equipment

  • Fuse Units

  • Arcing traces (fuse gear and switches)

  • Broken/chipped insulators

  • Corroded connections/joints

  • And more...

Integrating our data into established processes is simple. We work together to:


  • Take a quick accountability of the assets

  • Establish safety/emergency procedures

  • Create system-specific SOP's

  • Train crews on company-specific SOP's

  • Set up data management plans and adapt to current infrastructure reports 

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