Seeing is believing. Often, moisture damage shows no evidence to the naked eye and can cause massive damage, resulting in costly repairs or even entire roof replacements. As such, we deploy high definition Thermal (Infrared) Imaging. Infrared imaging allows us to see temperature variations and is the most reliable method for identifying water damage in a structure. These temperature differences caused by moisture on the inside of a wall, under the floor, around doors, ceilings and windows, appear differently than the non-effected surrounding areas. Our infrared inspection generates a color-coded report document evaluating the moisture conditions throughout your building.

Thermal images are read by associating the colors of the image to the associated temperature scale. These images highlight where moisture is currently present, as well as the insulation affected inside the roof itself. Infrared scanners are currently accepted as the most accurate and advanced tool for discovering moisture damage in a building, with immediate and simple to understand imaging results.

Our inspections serve to highlight specific areas of concern, such as splits, cracks, or bad fasteners that can lead to leaks. We aim to identify these issues before they cause significant damage to your structure.

Don’t delay. Save money by making preventative maintenance improvements to your building before they become large problems that require expensive repairs or major renovations. Enhance the durability of your roof with regular inspections. Roof systems degrade significantly over time and regular inspection will help to identify small concerns before they become costly headaches.