Our diagnostic tool of choice; Infrared Thermography (IRT) is the art of capturing and analyzing images that display the temperature of the subject.

 We utilize IR imaging in a multitude of ways:


  • UTILITIES: With IR technology, we can identify excess heat on electrical connections and equipment, which allows us to determine the causes of potential outages and equipment damage. Pairing IR imaging with our unmanned aerial systems, we help utility companies adopt a preventative operations and maintenance strategy, often saving them money in the process by identifying poor connections and increasing power quality, while virtually eliminating the risk of human injury.


  • ROOFING: We combine IR imaging with high-definition daylight cameras and analyze the data to provide a robust inspection package. As the sun heats the roof throughout the day, saturated insulation under the roof material is equally heated. After the sun sets, the cooling between the wet and dry materials is unequal, enabling us to directly see underlying moisture and pinpoint leaks. Experienced roof inspectors analyze all daylight images to assess the conditions of shingles, membranes, flashing, wall coping, and more.

  • RENEWABLE ENERGY: Similar to roofing inspections, solar fields and panels are thoroughly combed-over with a combination of daylight and IR images. This combination allows us to pick out debris, physical damage, connection issues, wiring faults, and even single-cell defects. Overheated solar panels will reduce power output, and bad cells can heat to the point of cracking the glass cover, which in turn will allow moisture into the system and potentially cause the entire panel to fail. Preventatively identifying such defects and damages will enable the system to operate efficiently and increase the lifespan of the array.

All Frontline Inspectors are required to maintain an active Thermography Certification to ensure accuracy and mitigate false-readings.

A properly executed IR program is the most reliable method of determining roof leaks, electrical faults, and solar panel performance.





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