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Our Thermography Certified experts will find the source of your roof damage in minutes.

Our findings are detailed in customizable, easy-to-read reports without overbearing terminology or unnecessary information.

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Proper inspection and maintenance is vital to avoiding burdensome repair or replacement costs for commercial roofing. Our inspections serve to identify a wide array of issues long before you ever need to replace it. Contact us for a no cost, no commitment consultation.

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Once the non-destructive testing is complete, our Thermography Certified experts will analyze the results to determine areas of concern. Findings are reported in clear, concise, easily-digested language without unnecessary information and overbearing terminology. Reported findings include:
Moisture Penetration
Structural Damages
Breached Seals
Insulation Inefficiencies
Energy Loss
Drainage/Gutter Obstruction
Over/Under Performing Solar Panels
And more…

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